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Purple Potato vs Purple Yam [Similarities And Differences]

Due to the similarity in taste, texture, and color, you must know Purple Potato vs Purple Yam to avoid confusion while buying them.

Both Purple Potato and Purple Yam contain amazing purple shades on their flesh. However, both varieties are different in origin, appearance, taste, texture, culinary uses, and nutrition.

Go through this entire article to know the potential difference between two similar-looking tuberous plants and choose one among both.

Purple Potato & Purple Yam [Similarities]

Both Purple Potato and Purple Yam contain amazing purple shades on their flesh. These shades can vary from deep purple to lavender tones.

Purple potato on left vs purple yam on right
Purple Potato is smoother to touch compared to Purple Yam.

The purple color in the flesh of both varieties is due to anthocyanin, the powerful antioxidant.

  • Both Purple Yam and Purple Potato are versatile for various dishes like boiled, cooked, stews, or soups.
  • You can make colorful dishes from both varieties or incorporate them into various dishes like salads, desserts, etc.
  • Both varieties have subtle sweetness compared to normal potatoes or yams giving a balanced taste.
  • The creamy texture of both varieties makes it easy to mash and blend.
  • Both varieties are rich in dietary fibre aiding digestion and gut health.
  • Also, both Purple Potato and Purple Yam are environment friendly needing minimal resources.

Purple Potato vs Purple Yam [Differences]

Both Purple Potato and Purple Yam belong to different families. Purple Potato is from the Convolvulaceae family whereas Purple Yam is part of the Dioscoreaceae family.

1. Origin

Purple Potatoes are native to the Andes Mountains of South America whereas the origin of Purple Yams is South East Asia and Pacific Islands.

Unlike the Purple Potato which is a true sweet potato, the Purple Yam, also known as Ube, is a true yam instead of a sweet potato.

2. Appearance

Although Purple Potato and Purple Yam look similar, Purple Potato bears smooth skin with vibrant purple to lavender shaded surface. The flesh gives pinkish or whitish hues.

In contrast, Purple Yam consists of rough skin with dark purple, brown, or reddish hues. When you cut the Yam, you can see dark purple or pinkish flesh.

3. Taste & Texture

When you taste Purple Potato, you will feel the sweet and less starchy flavor. The texture is creamier making the dish shiny when you bake or roast the potato.

Meanwhile, Purple Yam has a less creamy or dry texture compared to Purple Potato. When you taste the Yam, it gives you a starchy feeling with mild sweetness.

4. Culinary Uses

Purple Potato is versatile in various sweet as well as savory dishes like potato salad, gnocchi, chips, muffins, pastries, and many more.

In contrast, Purple Yam is less versatile than Purple Potato but is a very important ingredient for Asian dishes like Halaya, Ube Jam, Pastries, and other savory dishes.

5. Nutrition

Both Purple Potatoes and Purple Yam are loaded with different vitamins and minerals.

Purple Potatoes are popular for their nutritional benefits like vitamin C and potassium whereas You can get a high amount of manganese and vitamin A by consuming Purple Yam.

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Purple Potatoes Vs. Purple Yams: What To Choose?

If you want a versatile and easily available addition to your dish and want a sweetness in your dish with creamy delight, choosing Purple Potato is perfect.

However, choose Purple Yam if you want to make your dish more unique and adventurous with less sweetness to balance your savory dish.