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Oregano Vs Amoxicillin: Big Differences To Know

Knowing Oregano vs. Amoxicillin is crucial, as you should never use them interchangeably despite antibacterial similarities.

Generally, both Oregano and Amoxicillin are anti-microbial substances used to treat bacterial infections. However, they bear potential differences in origin, use, action, efficiency, form, availability, etc.

However, Oregano oil is ineffective in treating severe bacterial infections like Amoxicillin. Thus, bacteria can develop resistance easily compared to Amoxicillin.

So, go through this complete article to know the potential differences between Oregano and Amoxicillin and their medicinal properties.

Oregano and Amoxicillin: Common Similarities

Both Oregano and Amoxicillin are anti-microbial medicines that contain anti-bacterial properties and can treat various bacterial infections.

You can use both of these compounds to improve your health.

Oregano oil on the left Amoxicillin on the right
Oregano oil also has antifungal and anti-parasitic activities

Moreover, both remedies are obtained from the natural origin. Both compounds can cause different side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., to your body.

  • Both compounds contain anti-inflammatory properties that indirectly aid in healing wounds.
  • Moreover, these compounds also contribute to enhancing your immune system.
  • Both bear antioxidant properties that help in repairing cell damage.
  • Excessive use of both compounds is harmful to your body.

Oregano Vs. Amoxicillin: Striking Differences

Although Oregano and Amoxicillin bear some similarities, both are totally different compounds in terms of origin and uses.

Moreover, you must use Amoxicillin only by the prescription of the doctor. Meanwhile, using Oregano does not need any prescription.

FeaturesOregano OilAmoxicillin
Nature and OriginExtracted from Oregano leaves and stemsExtracted from Penicillin
Use Does not serve as antibioticServes as antibiotic
ActionKills bacteria by invading their cell membraneAvoids bacteria to make cell wall
FormPure oilSyrups, tablets and capsules
EfficiencyLess effective than AmoxicillinMore effective than Oregano oil
SafetyHave not undergone medical tests and trials yetPrescribed by doctors only after medical trial
VersatilityHelps treat fungal infections and other parasitesTreats bacterial infection only
AvailabilityWidely available Only available after prescription from medical professionals

You can also use other natural remedies that have antibacterial properties. These remedies include Neem oil, tea tree oil, honey, etc.

Neem oil also works as the best remedy to avoid unwanted pests and pathogens for your indoor plants.

However, make sure to include these products only as a dietary supplement rather than medicine. 

In contrast, Amoxicillin works as a medicine instantly. You must not take this medicated remedy on a regular basis.

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Although Oregano oil and Amoxicillin treat bacterial infections, you must not use both compounds interchangeably.

It’s because Oregano oil lacks medical and scientific evidence and is less efficient than the proven antibiotic Amoxicillin.

Also, if you have bacterial infections, it’s better to consult with medical professionals as soon as possible instead of testing unknown remedies in your body.