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Maha Molu Flower: Real Or Fake? All About Wild Species

Have you heard about the mysterious Himalayan Maha Molu Flower that the internet claims to bloom every 400 years? Well, it’s false.

Maha Molu Flower is not a real plant, and two fake images have baffled people throughout the internet. One is the real image of Noble Rhubarb, and the other is the digitally exploited image of Pagoda Plant Flower.

For a year now, the image is still circulating throughout the social media pages, but we will be debunking this myth right here!

What Is Maha Molu Flower?

The viral Maha Molu Flower is not a real flower, to be exact.

It is actually the digitally manipulated image of the Pagoda Plant Flower and misnamed Noble Rhubarb (Rheum nobile).

Social media has claimed that these flowers bloom once in 400 years, which is totally false.

This is just a social media conspiracy that people often create to build up views and generate memberships.

In fact, the Century Plant (Agave Americana) is the only plant that lives for 100 years and blooms for 3-4 months before dying.

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Image illustrates the real and fake Maha Molu Flower
Noble Rhubarb and Pagoda Plant Flower are the real Molu Flower that has puzzled the internet.

The Truth About Maha Molu Flower

According to researchers, Noble Rhubarb, or Sikkim Rhubarb, is a flowering plant native to the high mountainous regions of Southeast Asia.

Additionally, the plant has a leafy and pointy shape looking more like the sorting hat from the Harry Potter World.

However, the internet also claims another plant is the Molu Flower, which is actually a fake image of the Pagoda Plant Flower.

If you look closely, the Noble Rhubarb actually has a Pagoda-style shape!

On the other hand, the Pagoda Plant has a cluster of red and white flowers, giving it the shape of a Pagoda-style temple.  

Hence, the Maha Molu Flower is nothing but an internet hoax that is getting confusing for people on TikTok.

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Molu Flower is nothing but an internet mischief cooked up by social media users for views.

Hence, try to admire the real beauty and hype up the real plants instead of the imposters!

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