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How to Germinate Kuska Plant Seeds? [9 Easy Steps]

Are you fascinated with the TikTok video of Dr. Sebi and want to enjoy all the Kuska plant benefits by growing them via seeds in your garden? Well, we have got you covered.

You can grow the Kuska plant or Cucamelon from seeds by starting them indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost date. After germination, you need to harden the seedlings before transplanting them outdoors.

Thus, read on till the end to unveil all tips and tricks for growing the Kuska plant from seeds.

Kuska Plant Seed Overview

The Kuska plant (Melothira Scabra) is an annual fruiting plant. It is a hybrid variety of Cucumber belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family.

They produce striped small green fruits with tiny seeds in the gelatinous pulp. You can extract the seeds and use them to grow brand new Kuska, aka Cucamelon or mouse melon plant.

Here is a brief overview of Kuska plant seeds.

SizeSmall, about the size of a grain of rice.
ColorLight brown or tan in color.
Germination timeTypically germinate in 10-14 days
Sowing depth1/2 inch deep in the soil.
Planting spacingAt least 2 inches apart when sowing in tray and at least a feet or two when growing outdoors.
Harvest timeCucamelon fruits are typically ready to harvest about 60 days after planting.

How to Germinate Kuska Plant Seeds?

Kuska plant, aka Sandiita seeds, are easy to germinate and do not require much hassle. But they may need proper planning for optimal germination.

kuska plant seeds
Carefully harvest the Kuska plant seeds from the ripened Cucamelon fruits.

So, let us dive right into the steps to germinate Kuska seeds without further ado, shall we?

  • To give young Kuska plants a headstart, plan seed germination indoors for at least 6 weeks or one and a half months before the last Spring frost.
  • Prepare a seed starter mix that allows proper drainage and fill the seed starter tray with it.
  • Presoak the Kuska plant seeds for about 12 hours in water to increase the chances of germination.
  • Sow two Cucamelon seeds about half or one inch deep in the potting mix.
  • Ensure to maintain seed spacing of about 2 inches apart.
  • Subtly cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil mix.
  • Gently water the Cucamelon seeds using a spray bottle to keep the substrate moist but not soggy.
  • Place the tray in indirect bright sunlight and maintain a 70-85°F (21-29°C) warm temperature.
  • Under lack of proper sunlight, place the seed tray under grow light for about 12-14 hours.

Within a week or two, the Cucamelon seeds should germinate. Once the seedlings emerge, regularly water them.

Now, be patient and let the seedling grow stronger with more than two true pair of leaves. Moreover, you should transplant Kuska seedlings only after the risk of frost is over.

Further, you must harden the seedlings to outdoor settings before transplanting them.

How to Transplant Kuska Plant Seedlings?

Once the risk of frost in your area is over, you can transplant them outdoors safely.

Before transplanting the Kuska plant seedlings, dig a hole big enough to contain the root ball of the seedlings.

Then, gently take out the seedling from the pot and place them in the hole. Carefully fill the empty space with the soil.

To ensure low transplant shock, thoroughly water the plant. As they are a vining plant, ensure to provide a trellis or support.

Within 60 to 70 days, the transplanted Kuska or Cucamelon seedlings should mature. After that, you can check up on the plant for ripened fruits on the plant vines.

Though the Kuska plant is relatively resistant to pests and diseases, regularly look out for insect eggs on them. ‘

And if you come across one, manually remove them and apply neem oil.

Where to Buy Kuska Plant Seeds?

Thanks to the viral TikTok video of Dr. Sebi, more people are aware of the Kuska plant benefits.

Now, it is no wonder you also want this miniature watermelon-like fruit in your garden.

So, to make your Kuska plant journey easier, I have listed some verified retailers with Kuska plant seeds for sale.

Places to Buy Number of Seeds
Amazon35 Seeds
eBay10 Seeds
Walmart10 Seeds per packet
Parkseed30 Seeds per packet

Editor’s Note

A Sunny Location With Trellises is Ideal!

For ideal growth of the Kuska, aka Cucamelon seedlings, plant them in a sunny place. Also, they are vigorous climbers, so provide them with fences or stakes for support.

Likewise, regularly water to keep the soil moist and encourage better growth with balanced fertilizer or compost.

All The Best!