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Ice Fruit Vs Light Fruit: What’s The Difference?

If you are a plant enthusiast and eager to experience a game based on the plants, there are many options for you, such as Ice fruit and Light fruit in the game.

Generally, Ice and Light fruits are fictional fruits of Blox fruits, but they have some variations in the elements, stun abilities, and speed.  However, the game has other fruits, such as Phoenix, Rumble, and Control fruit.

If you are in a dilemma about using Ice and Light fruits, go through the entire article and distinguish between Ice fruit vs Light fruit.

What Are Ice Fruit And Light Fruit?

Ice fruit and Light fruit are not real fruits. These are two mythical tier fruits in Blox fruit. 

Additionally, Blox fruits are inspired by the popular anime One-piece.

They are both entertaining but have their own strength and weaknesses.

Furthermore, they allow users to create, control, and transform into their respective elements.

Ice Fruit vs Light Fruit
Both these games are versatile and used in PvP, PvE, and transportation.

There are no real fruits that can create, control, and transform. However, there are some fruits related to ice and light.

The Dragon fruit is often compared to the ice because of its white flesh.

Similarly, Passionfruit is associated with light due to its bright yellow color and star-shaped seeds.

Some other fruits in the Blox fruit are also considered better than the Ice and Light fruits. 

  • Phoenix fruit: This fruit allows users to create, control, and transform into fire.
  • Rumble fruit: This fruit gives the user ability to create, control, and transform into electricity.
  • Control fruit: This fruit allows users to control the forces of nature.
  • Magma fruit: This fruit allows users to create, control, and transform into magma.

Ice Fruit Vs Light Fruit

Ice fruits and Light fruits are both powerful in Blox fruits. However, they have different pros and cons.

For PvP (Player vs Player)

Generally, Ice fruit is considered to be better for PvP than Light fruit because of its stun abilities that can be very effective in disabling opponents.

Besides, these abilities of Ice fruit make it better for grinding than Light fruit.

For PvE (Player vs Environment)

The Ice fruit and Light fruit are both good options for PvE. Ice fruit’s stun abilities can be helpful for crowd control, and its high damage output makes the game easier.

Similarly, the Light fruit’s mobility can be helpful for fighting enemy attacks.

However, the game preference ultimately depends on the users and their choices.

Here are some additional differences between Ice fruit and Light fruit.

FeaturesIce FruitLight Fruit
ElementIce Light
Stun abilitiesGoodPoor
Good for PvP & PvEPvE
Movement speedSlow Fast
Other abilitiesCan move faster on iceCan teleport, reflect projectiles
Countered byFiredarkness

How To Identify The Best Fruit For You?

Some tips on choosing the best fruit are mentioned below:

  • Examine your playstyle and interests in games.
  • Think about your goals on whether you want PvP or PvE.
  • Research about the fruits.
  • Conduct the experiment by yourself.

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Love fruit and Ice fruit are powerful mythical fruits in Blox fruit and have their own unique features.

However, Love fruit is good in healing output, damage prevention, and long-distance travelling capacity.

Because of these abilities, Love fruits are preferred over Ice fruits in Blox fruits.

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