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Hole In Jade Plant? Learn Everything Before You Treat It

Holes in Jade plants can be a perplexing site to behold for any plant lover, but it may occur due to a number of careless reasons.
Generally, the various reasons behind the holes in Jade plants are pests, physical injuries, microbial injuries, overwatering, nutrient deficiencies, and other stresses like excessive sunlight and temperature.
Go through the entire article to learn more about the causes of holes in Jade plants.

What Causes Holes in Jade?

Jade plants (Crassula ovata) are succulent plants belonging to the family Crassulaceae. These easy-to-care plants are trendy for their thick and fleshy leaves.

However, these gorgeous plants may sometimes suffer from unnatural holes or pits forming in their body.

The symptoms that the plants show after the formation of holes are yellow and black specks on leaves, soft or mushy stems, dry and wrinkled leaves, and leaf drops.

Jade plants
Place the Jade plant in a hanging basket to prevent the pets from reaching them.

The causes behind the holes or cavities in Jade plants may be external or internal factors happening inside the plants.

Some of the reasons behind the holes in the Jade plant are listed below.

  • Mealybugs, Aphids, Scales, and Spider mites can create holes in the parts of your plant.
  • If you don’t handle pruning instruments carefully, you may accidentally create holes or cuts on the plant parts.
  • Jade plants are sensitive to fungal or bacterial infections, which is the reason why they can create holes in leaves and stems.
  • Water your Jade Plant only when the top 2 inches of the soil becomes dry. Overwatering can rot the roots of your Jade Plant and create holes in the plants.
  • Underfertilization or overfertilization also creates shotholes in Jade plants either due to fertilizer burns or lack of nutrients.
  • Other environmental anguishes like excessive sunlight and high temperature also damage your Jade plants, turning them into a honeycomb.

How To Get Rid Of Holes In Jade?

Holes in the Jade plant are signs that your plants are suffering from some environmental extremes.

Here are some tips to get rid of holes in your Jade plants.

  • Identify the cause: The first step to getting rid of your problem is to identify the cause. Firstly, you should know what is causing the holes in your plants. Overwatering, temperature extremes, and nutrient deficiencies may be the causes.
  • Pest control: Pests in the plants are likely to chew plant parts and eat them, creating holes in them. So, spray Neem oil to get rid of those pests.
  • Environmental adjustments: Furnish your plants with bright and indirect sunlight for 4-6 hours daily to eliminate holes in Jade plants.
  • Fertilization: Fertilize your Jade plants with 10-10-10 balanced fertilizers once a year after the growing seasons.
  • Pruning and repotting: Prune the dead and damaged plant parts with sterilized pruners to prevent the spread of diseases. Moreover, repot once a year when you see roots coming out of the pot.

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Jade plant is a low-maintenance plant that holds various benefits such as aesthetic values and air purification, and you can keep them in your home for many years.

Additionally, the Jade plant symbolizes good luck and fortune and is believed to attract wealth.

However, take care of the toxicity of Jade plants, as they contain a toxin called Saponins, which can cause various health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

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