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How Does Hammerhead Worm Get In Toilet?[Best Solutions]

Have you ever wondered if a hammerhead worm can break into your toilet, upsetting your private time? The reason is much simpler than you can imagine!

Generally, a hammerhead worm can get in your toilet as they love dark and moist areas to hunt food. You must immediately slay them by sprinkling them with table salt, vinegar, citrus or neem oil.

If you want to learn how to have a peaceful time doing your business without getting barged in by these worms, stay tuned!

What Is A Hammerhead Worm?

Hammerhead worms (Bipalium species) belong to the phylum Platyhelminthes, alongside Tapeworms and Liver Flukes.

They are an exclusive genus of large predatory Land Planarians, a group of animals with flat and slimy bodies.

Moreover, they get their name from their hammer-shaped head and are actually native to Southeast Asia.

Further, hammerhead worms love moist and organic areas, like leaf litter, wet mulch, gardens, and flower beds.

They hunt everything in their path, including Earthworms, Snails, Slugs, and even other hammerhead worms.

Hammerhead worms are invasive in the United States, eat beneficial Earthworms, and are toxic to humans and pets.
Image illustrates a Hammerhead Worm
Hammerhead worms are invasive species in the U.S. and occur in many vibrant colors.

How Does A Hammerhead Worm Get In Your Toilet?

Hammerhead worms prefer dark, moist places with plenty of food sources for hunting their prey.

But since dark and moist toilets also have a lot of humidity, they are a perfect spot for hammerhead worms for food.

Besides, there are a number of ways that hammerhead worms can enter your toilet.

  • If there are cracks or gaps in the foundation of your toilet, hammerhead worms can crawl in easily.
  • If you have recently moved your houseplants indoors, hammerhead worms can sneak into your toilets.
  • They can even crawl through the pipes of toilet pans and get inside your toilet unnoticed.

What To Do If You Find A Hammerhead Worm In Your Toilet?

According to the National Invasive Species Information Center, hammerhead worms were first introduced in the states in 1891.

If you ever find a muddy and greasy hammerhead worm squirming in your toilet, take the following precautions.

  • Avoid contact with the worm’s toxin by wearing a pair of sanitized gloves and a mask.
  • Then use a pair of sanitized tweezers or a toilet brush to scoop the worm in a paper cup.
  • Add vinegar or citrus oil, apply neem oil, or use table salt to slay the worm.
  • If your toilet is infested by too many hammerhead worms, then you can call an exterminator or pest control.

Ensure that you always avoid contact with the worm, as it is considered toxic.

Since hammerhead worms can regenerate, you must slay them completely.

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Hammerhead worms are vicious and usually search for prey in dark, moist areas, so avoid bringing plants indoors as much as possible.

Also, regularly clean your yard to free debris and mulch so that the hammerhead worm cannot get in your toilet.