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Does Ginseng Plant Jump? [A Tickling Internet Mystery]

Have you heard about the Ginseng Plant jump mystery? Numerous videos are circulating throughout the internet about this funny yet unusual plant, but how much of it is true?

The Ginseng Plant jump mystery is a made-up hoax by people to evade the poachers in some way as the plant is expensive and rare. Also, no scientific evidence supports the claim that the Ginseng Plant ‘jumps’ out from the soil as it has a deep root system!

If you want to debunk this internet mystery and learn about the benefits of Ginseng Plants, stick with the article!

What Is A Ginseng Plant?

The Ginseng Plant (Panax species) associates itself with other plants like the Creeping English Ivy in the plant family Araliaceae.

The natural habitat range of the Ginseng Plant species (American and Asian) segregates in distinct regions.

The Asian or Korean Ginseng is native to China, Korea, and Far-Eastern Siberia, while the American Ginseng is native to North America.

Nevertheless, both the Ginseng Plants are medicinally important evergreen shrubby vines with traditional oriental and pharmaceutical health miracles.

Image illustrates berries and roots
Poachers usually harvest the roots of the Ginseng Plant.

People also call the Ginseng Plant ‘the king of all herbs’ due to its profound use for treating numerous diseases.

However, the biochemically active part of the Ginseng Plant is its root, which contains an active chemical compound, Ginsenoside, with wide medical potential.

Despite the medical claims, the Ginseng plant is under the constant threat of poaching and illegal harvest.

Do You Know?

Over-exploitation has caused the Ginseng Plants to decline in numbers, and the plant is now a rare.

Hence, the root of the plant (which is a medicinal wonder) has a hiked market price!

Internet Mystery – Why Does Ginseng Root Run Away?

You can see many viral videos online about people digging the Gingseng Plant for their roots. And the plant miraculously escapes from their grasp!

Despite the authentic source of these videos, this is a total hoax created by people to garner some online fame.

Although amazingly funny to see, experts say that the Gingseng Plant roots itself too deep inside the soil, making it unable to escape like the one in the videos.

Image illustrates the berries and roots of Ginseng Plant
Ginseng roots have wide pharmaceutical benefits.

Furthermore, the myth behind the ‘Ginseng Plant jump’ may actually be a popular folklore from East Asia.

Since the odd Mandrake-like root of the Ginseng is a commercially expensive and rare find, the video actually may be a nod that the plant is fleeing to save itself desperately!

Another prevalent theory states about the availability of the Ginseng Plant around human settlements.

People often assume that the Ginseng Plant grows in areas disturbed by human activities. As a result, the plant may appear there by jumping or walking.

However, this is just a coincidence, and people have fueled this act as if the plant is a real jumper when tickled!

Hence, there is no scientific evidence that the plant can actually walk or jump.

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The mystery surrounding the Ginseng Plant jump makes us think about its conservation and importance.

As a rare and medicinally important plant, Ginseng may someday show a comical escape from the world if we don’t incline to preserve it.