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Gharqad Tree In Hadith: Only Legend Or Exists In Real Life?

After the hadith by a Muslim legend about the Gharqad tree, the internet is breaking out with a keen interest in this tree among all age groups.

According to the hadith or legend, Jews hide behind the Gharqad tree during the fight against Muslims. However, the Muslims cannot harm them until the tree confirms that the Jews are hiding behind them, but it never confronts them as the tree is the symbol of Jews.

So, due to this hadith about the Gharqad tree, there is a belief that Jews are planting this tree all over Israel in preparation for the end times.

So, read the whole article to know the hidden meaning behind the Gharqad tree hadith and its benefits in detail.

Gharqad Tree Meaning And Symbolism

The Gharqad tree has a different symbolic meaning in different traditions. This unique tree bears a great value in Islam.

Moreover, you will see this tree mentioned in the Quran. According to the Quran, the tree grows in the middle of hell, and the people with sins have to eat the bitter fruit as punishment.

Additionally, Prophet Muhammad also mentioned the tree in his hadith. According to him, Jews hide behind the tree during the fight against Islam.

Gharqad tree in hadith and its red fruits
The Gharqad tree is very bushy and bears red fruits.

Moreover, the Muslims cannot harm them until the tree confirms that the Jews are hiding behind it. It’s because the tree is a symbol of Jews.

Besides this, the Gharqad tree is also a symbol of strength, endurance, hope, resistance, and many more.

Although the belief about the plantation of the Gharqad tree by Jews is massive in Israel, the tree is not from Israel. This religious tree is native to Africa and Asia.

Gharqad Tree Benefits

Apart from the religious value, Gharqad trees are loaded with medicinal benefits, too. Moreover, there is a history of the traditional medicinal values of this tree.

Moreover, the leaves of the tree can be a good fooder for your livestock.

This tree bears a single-seeded fruit, which is red and fleshy when ripe. This fruit is usually bitter with a tart flavor and is rich in lots of vitamins and minerals.

  • Antioxidants in the leaves and fruits repair the cell damage and prevent it from further damage.
  • The anti-inflammatory effects present in leaves help to reduce swellings and inflammations from injuries.
  • Astringent properties in the leaves help to repair the skin cells and remove wrinkles, making you young and beautiful.
  • Gastrointestinal properties in the fruit and barks help to treat stomach upsets, diarrhea, vomiting, and other digestive problems.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties in every part of the plant help in treating skin infections like bumps, boils, and carbuncles.

There is no evidence that the parts of Gharqad trees are toxic or beneficial to your pets. So it’s better not to feed any part of this plant.

Additionally, due to the limited research about the medicinal properties of this tree, avoid the consumption or application if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

In case of unusual behavior after the consumption of any parts of the Gharqad tree by your pets, contact:

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Although the hadith by Prophet Muhammad is popular in Islam and has many collections, there is no evidence regarding the saying in real life.

Moreover, you cannot find the saying on any pages of the Quran. However, you can still find the Gharqad tree in the Quran as a Tree of Judgement.

So, it’s not a good idea to make any judgments regarding Jewish people and others only on the basis of this hadith.