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Flowey The Flower [Does This Deceptive Villain Plant Exist in Real?]

Flowey the Flower is the iconic character that perfectly depicts morality, consequence, and the nature of choice.

Now, you might wonder if Flowey the Flower exists for real with the same dual characteristics.

So, read on till the end to unveil the design reference of Flowey the Flower and the live-action version.

What Is Flowey The Flower?

Flowey the Flower is a character from the famous video game, ‘Undertale.’ He is the main antagonist of the role-playing game.

As its name suggests, Flowey is based on the appearance of the Golden Buttercup flower. He has a cartoonish smiling face with a golden center.

Further, he has white petals and appears innocent and friendly at the beginning of the game. He helps the main character.

Moreover, Flowey is a pun on the word ‘Flowery.’ It means either full of flowers or flattery. So, the name Flowey flawlessly portrays the dual nature of Flowey.

flowey gift
Well, true Flowey may not exist in real life, but you can still get action figures or toys like this in online stores.

At first, he provides guidance and advice to the player. But, as the story progresses, the true nature of Flowey is revealed.

The innocent Flower gradually turns more sinister and malevolent.

Now, you might think there is no such real flower that appears innocent but is evil inside. Sorry to break it to you! But Sunflowers are one prime example.

They appear bright and positive but are toxic to their surrounding plants, like Flowey the Flower. So, you can say Sunflower is the real-life Flowey nature-wise.

Sunflowers release chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants. So, plants like Potatoes, Tomatoes may not grow near Sunflowers.

Therefore, although the look is based on Golden Buttercup, Flowey is more like a Sunflower nature-wise.

Editor’s Note

“In This World, It’s Kill or Be Killed.”- Flowey

Amongst many famous dialogues, this one is the most famous. It perfectly depicts the harsh and unforgiving nature of the Underground.

Flowey successfully reminds the darkness that lurks in the world and suggests that even the most evil people can be redeemed.

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