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How to Identify Flat Mites on Hoya? [7 Key Tale Tell Signs]

Are your Hoya plants have emerging growth but are taking forever to grow? Sorry to break it to you! But it could be because of Flat Mites on Hoya.

Flat Mites, aka False Spider Mites, are tiny creatures that can halt the growth of your Hoya plants. Due to their small size, they can stay hidden and harm your Hoya right under your nose. Without prompt treatment, your Hoya keeps losing young leaves and eventually can die.

Thus, stick with the article till the end to learn ways to confirm if your Hoya has Flat Mite and treatment measures.

Are Flat Mites Spider Mites?

No! Flat Mites are not true Spider Mites. They are two different mites that belong to different Mite families.

As Flat Mites have some similar traits to Spider Mites, they are known as False Spider Mites.

But Flat mites are a member of the Tenuipalpidae family. Meanwhile, Spider Mites belong to the Tetranychidae family. So, they are not the same and only have similar looks.

spider mite vs flat mite
Do not worry! You can get rid of these off your Hoya plant with proper treatments.

True to its name, Flat Mites have flatter bodies than the Spider Mites. Further, they are much smaller than Spider Mites.

So, in comparison, you may face more trouble finding Flat Mites than Spider Mites.

But you can tell the difference apart via the web. Unlike Spider Mites, Flat or False Mites do not produce webs.

Nevertheless, they are both pests that wreak havoc on the plant if not controlled on time.

How Do I Know If My Hoya Has Flat Mites?

As I mentioned above, Flat Mites are very hard to see due to their small size. So, they often lurk and stay hidden until the damage turns severe.

However, if you regularly check your Hoyas, you can notice the tale tell signs they leave behind.

Therefore, firstly check Hoya leaves to know if your Hoya has Flat Mites. Remember, Flat Mites eat cell nutrients and leave behind small yellow or brown spots on the leaves.

Besides, here are other giveaway signs to know if your Hoya has Flat Mites.

  • Leaves begin to curl.
  • Brown scarring on both the top and lower sides of the leaves.
  • Young leaves will drop before becoming mature.
  • Slow to no growth of the Hoya plant.
  • Yellowing leaves that eventually drop.
  • Hoyas appear poor and weak.
  • Vines dry out.

If you notice these signs on your Hoya plant, doubt Flat Mites. To confirm it is Flat Mites, you will need a microscope. Otherwise, you will need at least a 10x magnification lens to see them.

Now, the main spot you should aim microscope is the young leaf’s crevices. Flat Mites often feast and reside on new emerging leaf nodes.

The Flat Mites are somewhat similar to Spider Mites. They are oval with a flat white, yellow, green or brown body and six legs.

Further, they move very slowly, so do not rush the observation. Also, check all leaves and other spots to know Flat Mite is in your Hoya for sure.

How To Get Rid Of Flat Mites On Hoya?

Once you are certain, you can get rid of Flat Mites on Hoya using Sulfur fungicide. But before treating your Hoya with Sulfur, you might want to rinse off the plant.

To do so, deeply spray your Hoya with 100-120°F hot water using a spray bottle. You can knock off some Flat mites on Hoya or their eggs by doing so.

But do not use too hot water as it can damage the leaves. Then, apply the Sulfur treatment as per the product label on your Hoya plants.

Also, do not forget to read and follow the direction on the label for safe use.

You might need to repeat the process 3-4 times a month to get rid of Flat Mite on Hoya completely.

Now, if your Hoya has other pests and their eggs, you can also apply neem oil. Likewise, you can use alcohol or soap-water mix to control pests.

Editor’s Note

Cut Leaves With Too Many Flat Mites on Hoya Plant!

If the Hoya leaves are heavily infected with Flat Mites, carefully trim them off using sterilized scissors.

Then, safely dispose of the pruned-off Hoya parts to avoid spreading the mites.

All The Best!