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Do Squirrels Eat Bananas? Everything You Need To Know

Do you know witty feet squirrels destroy homegrown fruits and vegetables if not monitored? 

If you want to learn more about squirrels eating bananas and prevention methods, read this article completely. 

Will Squirrels Eat Banana Fruits & Peels?

Though squirrels seem unable to be chased, they still can be driven away with the following tricks. 

  • Net Banana Trees: Use the fine mesh net with a small hole that prevents the squirrels from entering the boundary. 
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper: Squirrels dislike the taste of cayenne pepper, and you need to reapply the peppers after rain or when it is windy. 
  • Utilize a predator decoy: These small animals are afraid of predators, so that you can deploy the owls, hawks, and snakes. 
  • Use a squirrel baffle: It is a metal or plastic device that is wired to the bird feeder pole or trunk of a tree. This stops squirrels from climbing up the trunk. 
  • Keep banana fruits strategically: If you store bananas outdoors, keep them safe in a sealed container. Also, you can preserve the bananas in a place where squirrels can not reach them, for example, on a high shelf or a hanging basket.