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Do Deer Like The Smell Of Weed? [Behavior Analysis Guide]

As deer are curious herbivores who forage and choose food only through their olfactory senses, curiosity may arise among the gardeners if deer like the smell of weed.

Generally, deer do not like the smell of weed as it has a very strong smell due to psychoactive chemicals making them feel sick. Consuming weeds may result in confusion, difficulties in searching for food, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upsets in deer.

Deer has a very good smelling sense and can smell things humans cannot do.

So, go through this entire article to know the effects of weeds on deer and the smell.

What Smell Do Deer Like?

Deer have a strong sense of smell, so the smell of food or forage can be perfect for attracting them.

Moreover, the smell of green grasses and fresh natural vegetation, like new leaves, flowers, etc., is the best smell for Deer.

Furthermore, the ripe fruits also attract Deer as they love the sweet, fruity smells.

Additionally, crops like Alfalfa, Soybean, Clover, etc., emit a very intense smell that can easily lure deer toward them.

The hunters often use minerals like salts and deer urine to attract deer towards them. Deer love minerals and get curious when they smell the familiar scent from neighboring sites.

Also, during the mating season, deer also like the scent of their opposite gender.

However, deer also avoid the smell of garlic and onions as well as hate the place where human hairs are present.

Do Deer Like The Smell Of The Weed?

Weed has a very strong smell, so deer do not like the smell of weed. This smell can be a good deer repellent.

Moreover, deer has very strong smelling capacity and can smell the scent of chemical present in the weed from a very long distance.

Also, Weed or Marijuana contains a psychoactive chemical that can make deer confused and create difficulties for foraging foods.

As deer are the prey animals, weed smell may be unpleasant and unique to them.

So, deer often avoid unique smells as such smell represents the presence of predators nearby. Deer do not feel safe around the area where the smell of weed is coming from.

Thus, herbivores like deer do not like the smell of weed, coreopsis, etc., due to their bitter or unpleasant taste and their toxic traits.

What Does Weed Do To Deer?

Deer often avoid weeds, but they may be compelled to consume them during food scarcity.

Firstly, weeds give them an unpleasant experience due to a very bitter taste. These herbivores prefer sweet or salted food items and avoid bitter ones.

Moreover, weeds contain psychoactive compounds that create curiosity, illusion, confusion, etc., making them difficult to focus on forage search.

On the heavy consumption, they may also feel serious mind disturbance that creates difficulties to hide from the predators. This may risk their life, too.

Also, excessive consumption may result in diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and serious stomach upset.

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Will Weed Smoke Scare Away Deer?

Weed smoking may scare away deer due to the fact that deer avoid and escape from places where there are predators or human traffic.

However, if the smell becomes familiar to them or if it comes from a source with no human or predator traffic, they may not run away.

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