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Can You Grow A Banana Tree From A Banana? Answered!

Bananas are in demand for their beautiful broad foliage and many more health benefits with many major nutrients such as Vitamin C, Potassium, and fibers.

Generally, you can grow a banana tree from banana seeds and rhizomes. To take care of bananas, provide them with six to eight hours of sunlight, a temperature of 50-80°F, and well-draining acidic soil.
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Can You Grow A Banana From A Store-Bought Banana?

No, you cannot plant and grow a banana tree from a store-bought banana, as the seeds of this banana are not viable.

Scientifically, the seeds with diploid (two sets of chromosomes) are viable, but the seeds of store-bought bananas are triploid (with 3 sets of chromosomes), which is sterile.

But, if you find a wild banana with seeds, you can take them out and germinate.

Banana tree growing in a pot
Banana flowers possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Seeds from wild varieties of bananas are considered diploid and are fertile.

You can take out and plant the banana seeds using the following steps.

  • Cut the banana horizontally or vertically and remove the seeds from there.
  • Wash the seeds in water to remove the pulps.
  • Soak the seeds in lukewarm water to soften the seed coat, which promotes germination.
  • Sow the soaked seeds in a well-drained potting mix and water it regularly.

When the seeds germinate in 2-4 weeks, separate each seedling and plant them in individual pots.

How To Grow A Banana Tree From Banana?

You can plant rhizomes and grow a banana tree from them.

Rhizomes are underground horizontal stems that produce lateral shoots and adventitious roots at certain intervals.

You can grow a banana tree indoors, but it can be challenging. Banana is a tropical fruiting tree that needs warm and humid conditions to grow well.

Germinating banana
Bananas are one of the four most important crops after rice, maize, and wheat.

It can be problematic to provide them with these environmental conditions indoors.

Besides, this plant is susceptible to pests, including Aphids, Nematodes, Thrips, and Spider mites.

Inspect the plants thoroughly and spray them with Neem oil to eliminate those pests. Furthermore, you can buy rhizomes from online markets or the grocery stores near you.

Here are tips to grow a banana tree from rhizomes.

  • Sunlight: Banana is a tropical tree that thrives well in a sunny place with six to eight hours of sunlight. 
  • Temperature: This plant loves a temperature between 50-80°F.
  • Soil and Fertilization: Furnish your Banana tree with well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 6-8. Moreover, feed them regularly with a balanced fertilizer that is rich in Nitrogen and Potassium.
  • Water and Humidity: Water your banana plant 1 inch every week. Furthermore, this plant needs humidity of around 50%.
  • Prevent the plant from frost injury: As bananas are tropical plants, you must protect them from extreme cold conditions.

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Some people often make mistakes by burying whole fruit of bananas in the ground to grow banana trees from it.

There are no benefits to doing so because that fruit will decay without germination.

Hence, you can grow banana trees from wild banana seeds or from rhizomes.