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Get Bob Ross Garden Secrets & Transform Your Yard Overnight

The magical paintings of Bob Ross always featured various natural elements in his painting, showering fondness for his garden.

Puffy-haired PBS star was every art lover’s idol and hero, and he still is. To this date, his famous show “The Joy of Painting” gives us a mental-zen-garden-like experience.

Bob Ross always celebrated nature in famous landscape paintings like Tropical Seascape, A Walk In The Woods, etc.

Now, without further ado, let us convert your garden as per the likes of Bob Ross, shall we?

Facts About Happy Little Trees

The colorful paintings of Bob Ross always had a natural element to portray mesmerizing beauty of nature flawlessly.

And interestingly, almost 91% of his paintings feature at least one majestic tree that he quotes as a “happy little tree.”

Some rare paintings of Bob Ross without any of his happy little trees are Night Light and Ocean Sunset.

night light painting by bob ross
Bob Ross made three versions of each painting; one before the show for reference, one during the show and the final one for his books, including this ‘Night Light‘ painting.

Besides that, fan-favorite painter with quick hands never failed to enchant us with his 30-minutes landscape paintings featuring happy little trees alongside his Buddha-calm voice.

To add a realistic touch to his almighty mountains, Bob Ross would incorporate different vegetation as per the scenarios of the painting.

His happy little trees often included evergreen conifers like pine, spruce and fir trees and deciduous trees like maples, oaks and birch trees.

bob ross house
Bob Ross spent most of his life in his old Orlando, Florida home that spans over 2,500 square feet.

Other than that, Bob used willow trees and palm trees to bring different motions, textures and contrasts into his paintings.

Did you know Bob Ross did not paint flowers and Joy Of Painting floral guide is from his close friend and business partner Annette Kowalski?

Create Bob Ross Inspired Colorful Garden

Before Bob Ross became a famous painter and TV personality, he was in the United States Air Force.

He was stationed in Alaska, where he learned to paint, and most of his landscape paintings feature the serene landscape of Alaska.

Now, besides the almighty mountains, you can actually bring magic to your garden, as in the paintings of Bob Ross.

Begin with surrounding your garden with tall happy little trees native to your locality.

You can also keep bushy flowering plants like hydrangea, Lilac, Viburnum and so on in your garden hedges.

Remember, Bob Ross once said, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents,” so be brave and experiment with different plants in your garden.

Editors Note

“There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

Go wild and grow colorful, contrasting flowers or trees with various textures in your garden to take inspiration from Bob Ross, albeit in the form of gardening.

All The Best!