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Blue Star Flower Meaning & Symbolism You Need To Know

Do you know Blue Star Flower can be toxic to people, dogs, and cats but possesses amazing meaning and symbolism? 

Generally, Blue Star Flower is a blue star-shaped flower with five petals in the cluster. It has different meanings and symbolism, including strength, endurance, perseverance, resilience, persistence, the force of will, and determination.

If you want to learn the Blue Star Flower in detail, read the following article completely. 

What Does Blue Star Flower Look Like? 

Blue Star Flower, aka Amsonia tabernaemontana, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant known for its clumping growth habit.

It boasts growing multiple stems that are smooth and erect, which can grow 2-3 feet tall. These stems carry the Blue Star Flower in the cluster at the ends to form a showy display. 

blue star flower
Blue Star Flower can reach about 2-3 feet tall.

Each flower is small, approximately 3/4 inches in diameter, in a true blue color. 

Blue Star Flowers have star-shaped flowers with five pointed petals, which overlap and keep a crinkled texture. 

They bloom in the late spring to early summer, especially from May to June, within 2-3 years after planting.  These blooms have very faint or no smell at all and last for about a week. 

Blue Stars prefer full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. Blue Star Flowers are relatively low-maintenance plants and are resistant to deer and other pests.

Also, flowers are resistant to deer and other pests, making them easy to care for. 

Blue Star Flower Meaning & Symbolism

In general, the Blue Star Flower symbolizes strength. These flowers also contain meanings such as endurance, perseverance, resilience, persistence, the force of will, and determination.

Let’s see the meaning and symbolism of the Blue Star Flower in detail!

Star Flower Meanings Based on Colors

  • Blue Flower: Peace and tranquility, love, and hope, desire, beauty.
  • White Flower: Mourning, chastity, innocence, sympathy, purity 
  • Pink Flower: Admiration, gentle affection, and femininity.
  • Purple Flower: Nobility, success, power, wealth, dignity and elegance.

US Historical Importance

Blue Star, or Amsonia, was named after John Amson, who was the mayor of Williamsburg, Virginia, from 1750 to 1751.

However, the name was only given in 1760 after meeting with General George Washington.

Washington had a belief that he had developed tuberculosis in 1758 after returning from a military campaign, which was part of the French and Indian War. 

Then, he called John Amson, who was also a doctor cum botanist, for an examination at the Governor’s Palace on the outskirts of Williamsburg.

The doctor diagnosed Washington with the common cold, reporting that Washington had no terminal illness, and treated his health condition. 

To tribute and honor John Clayton, a perennial flowering genus is named Amsonia, and Blue Star was synonymized Amson. 

Flower in the Romanticism

People associated blue flowers, including Amson, with love, beauty, and desire in the Romantic Period.

Besides, flowers were also linked to seeking and hoping for the impossible, unreachable, and unattainable.

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Gifting Blue Star Flowers!

You can gift these flowers to your friends, family members, or loved ones who are undergoing difficult or uncontrollable times and pain.

Gifting them is the perfect way to show your support for them and tell them how strong they are.