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Is Blue Orange Fruit Real or Fake? Learn Truth Behind It

After a video clip of blue orange fruit went viral on social media, most people have questioned whether it exists or is just a fake presentation.

Generally, there isn’t any blue orange Fruit as oranges do not contain any blue pigments. So, blue orange is not real. The blue color in the orange fruit can only occur due to genetic mutation.

The blue color of the orange peel can also occur due to the fungus or molds on the skin.

So, if you are curious about the actual colors of oranges and the reasons behind the blue color of oranges, you are in the right place.

Everything You Need To Know About Colors Of Oranges

Basically, the color of the orange fruit is orange. The skin is thin with a bright orange color, and the color of the flesh is less bright than the skin.  

Mostly, the bright orange color is in the popular variety, Navel oranges, with a thin skin and sweet, tangy flavor.

Blue Orange fruit and orange colored Orange fruit
The blue color on the orange is probably a blue dye.

Moreover, another variety is Valencia, which has a deep orange color and contains small bumps on the skin.

Additionally, there are some oranges with purple flesh. These oranges are blood oranges. However, blood oranges have reddish-orange skin.

The purple color is because of the anthocyanin pigments that help to defend against the high sun radiations. This pigment occurs in purple tomatoes, too.

Thus, there are no other colors in oranges other than purple and orange color.

Are There Any Blue Oranges?

The natural color of oranges is orange, and there aren’t any blue oranges that exist in the world of fruits.

Moreover, oranges do not contain any blue pigments on any parts of the fruit, like skin, pulp, or juice.

Thus, if you notice any blue orange, it’s only due to genetic mutation. Other than mutation, there are no factors that cause the orange fruit to be naturally blue.

However, the blue orange fruit is viral on social media like TikTok, Facebook, etc. These posts are fake, as there are no scientific pieces of evidence.

The blue color in the skin and flesh of oranges is probably food coloring or paint to draw viewers’ attention towards the video.

So, if you want blue orange fruit, you have no other options than dyeing the skin and adding food coloring to the flesh. However, it’s better not to eat such oranges as they are not good for your health.

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Fruits That Are Naturally Blue!

Although you cannot find blue orange fruit, there are some fruits like plums, blue dragon fruit, blueberries, blackberries, and many more.

Moreover, you can also find blue raspberry, the cross between blackberry and raspberry. These fruits are healthy and full of taste.

Thus, it’s better to stop searching for natural blue orange fruit as it wastes time.