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Blue Jacaranda Bonsai [Care Hacks For This Mini Tree Indoors]

If you are a bonsai enthusiast, blue Jacaranda is a must-have plant as they produce enchanting purple blooms.

Like its delicate appearance, blue Jacaranda is sensitive to poor care. So, give them 4-6 hours of bright sunlight, regular watering, and monthly fertilization. Also, carefully prune and train the Jacaranda tree to give the desired shape.

Thus, stick with the article till the end to unveil the tips and tricks for growing blue Jacaranda bonsai trees.

What Is Blue Jacaranda Bonsai?

Blue Jacaranda bonsai is a miniature plant that mimics the looks of a full-grown blue Jacaranda tree.

Native to South America, blue Jacaranda bonsai (Jacaranda mimosifolia) is popular for its elegant purple flowers.

They display clusters of alluring flowers in late spring and summer, i.e., between April and June. So, you can expect your blue Jacaranda bonsai to flower for two months straight.

Besides that, they have intricate fern-like leaves with up to 18 leaflets per leaf.

Blue Jacaranda Bonsai Care

Blue Jacaranda tree is easy to care for with low maintenance. But the bonsai Blue Jacaranda is sensitive to poor care.

Further, they need proper pruning and repotting at times to keep them attractive all year round.

Therefore, let us get started with in-depth blue Jacaranda bonsai care, shall we?

1. Placement

Blue Jacaranda trees grow naturally in South America, i.e., Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and so on. But they are now grown in all continents except Antarctica.

These trees prefer and grow well in places with mild winters and hot summers. So, the blue Jacaranda tree is hardy to zone 9 to 11.

blue jacaranda bonsai tree growing
Keep your Jacaranda bonsai in a warm, sunny spot with afternoon shade.

Further, they can not tolerate cold temperatures below 59°F. Thereby, you must protect the blue Jacaranda trees from the cold.

Thus, when winter comes, move the bonsai indoors. Then once the outdoor temperature is warm, usually by the end of May, place them outside in a sunny spot with subtle afternoon shade.

2. Light Requirements

Blue Jacaranda bonsai tree requires 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight daily for the best growth. But they are susceptible to heat stress, so ensure partial afternoon shade in summer.

Further, they prefer morning or late sunlight more. So, the east-facing window is the ideal location.

Remember, excess scorching afternoon sunlight can sunburn the leaves. Meanwhile, low light means low to no growth.

So, you can use artificial grow lights designed for the bonsai trees for at least 12-14 hours.

3. Watering Requirements

For safe watering habits, you can use a moisture meter to know when to water your blue Jacaranda tree.

As a general rule of thumb, water your blue Jacaranda bonsai every 2 to 3 days during the active growing season.

Further, aim to deep water your bonsai so the rootball remains slightly moist. Otherwise, you can use a bottom watering method aided with occasional overhead watering.

4. Fertilizing Blue Jacaranda Bonsai

To keep your blue Jacaranda bonsai tree healthy, feed them with a balanced fertilizer once a month.

Meanwhile, to aid the growth in the active season, fertilize them every two weeks using liquid fertilizer. But reduce fertilization in winter.

Further, you can use a bloom booster for better, vibrant blooms in spring.

Besides that, you can also add compost or organic fertilizer to avoid fertilizer issues. Also, remember to water your plant thoroughly after adding fertilizer.

5. Pruning and Wiring

Regularly prune any unwanted growth to shape blue Jacaranda bonsai per the desired style.

You can remove new shoots growing wild or branches with leggy growth at any time. But for major pruning, you should wait till the spring for the best results.

pruned jacaranda bonsai
For major pruning, you should wait till the spring.

Meanwhile, be gentle and wire the bonsai tree without damaging the bark. Also, do not forget to remove the wires once the branches are set.

Otherwise, remove the wires within 3 months to avoid any cuts on the branches.

6. Repotting Every 2 Years

You do not need to repot your blue Jacaranda bonsai every now or then. But once their roots lurk out from the drain holes, proceed to repot them.

Otherwise, repot your bonsai every two years in spring to ensure they have enough space for root growth.

While repotting, make sure to use well-draining soil and a pot slightly bigger than the previous one. Also, untangle roots and trim off any damaged or dead roots.

7. Propagation Methods

You can propagate blue Jacaranda bonsai trees mainly from seeds. But they can be propagated via soft cuttings.

Now, to germinate Jacaranda seeds, soak them for a day or so and sow them 1/4 inch deep. Then, lightly cover them with the soil.

After that, water them thoroughly to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Within two weeks, the seeds should start to emerge.

Then, proceed with regular blue Jacaranda tree care.

8. Pests and Diseases

Pests like spider mites, scales, and aphids can attack the blue Jacaranda bonsai every now and then.

In such cases, apply insecticides and neem oil to treat and control pest invasion.

Meanwhile, they are susceptible to root rot or mushroom root rot from overwatering issues. Thus, a flexible watering habit is the best solution to avoid these diseases.

How Fast Does Bonsai Blue Jacaranda Grow?

Depending on the tree’s age, growing conditions, care, and overall health, the growth rate of the blue Jacaranda tree varies.

For instance, the growth is relatively fast during the first few years.

They unfurl new leaves and branches at a faster rate. But with passing age, the tree matures with a slow growth rate.

Under ideal growing conditions, blue Jacaranda can take 4 to 6 years to mature from seedling. But it may take longer as well, depending on several factors.

So, if you provide excellent care, they can grow much faster.

Editor’s Note

Patience Is The Key To Blue Jacaranda Tree!

Training a Jacaranda tree that aims to touch the sky in a pot is not easy. It will test your patience and passion for growing bonsai.

So, be patient and consistently provide your blue Jacaranda with excellent care on a daily basis. Trust me! All the efforts and wait are worth it.

All The Best!