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Is Black Lotus Real? Everything You Need To Know

As the Black Lotus flower in The Gathering Card is popular due to its rarity, many gamers wonder about its existence in real life.

Generally, Black Lotus is a fictional flower from The Gathering Card and the movie Conan Of The Barbarian Universe. This flower has beautiful black colored petals overlapping with each other, just like a real Lotus.

In the game, the flower provides power and unique abilities to the user.

So, dive into this article to learn about the Black Lotus flower and other fictional flowers that resemble this stunning beauty.

What Does Black Lotus Look Like?

The Black Lotus flower is beautiful and looks like a regular Lotus but has black-colored petals.

Moreover, the petals are overlapping with each other and separate at the pointed tips. This makes the flower look like a beautiful flaring skirt.

The Black Lotus flower is beautifully dark, and even the stamens in the middle of the flower are dark black in color. This stunning central is round and glowing.

Black Lotus Card
Black Lotus is the object from The Gathering Card.

This incredible does not reflect light but rather absorbs it due to its black, velvety appearance. The size of the flower is of regular Lotus.

Additionally, the beautiful blossom looks like an amazing modification of regular Lotus flowers. This represents beauty and transformations.

Is Black Lotus Real?

Black Lotus is not a real flower but an amazing art from the Gathering Card. These Lotus cards are sold for expensive flowers.

You can also find this flower in the movie Conan Of The Barbarian Universe. However, this Lotus flower does not exist in real life.

Furthermore, the Lotus flower with a dark center is unusual as the pollens are usually bright yellow.

If you see such Lotus flowers in nearby ponds or lakes, it’s probably due to genetic mutation. Some people in TikTok and other social media paint the flower black to gain viewer’s attention.

Thus, the Black Lotus flower is not real but just a fictional object like the Vivisteria flower and Narilatha flower.

Other Fictional Flowers Like Black Lotus

There are no flowers like Black Lotus, but you can find other fictional flowers in the movies and games. Those flowers owe great value to the movies and games.

Cecilia flower and Cow Plant flower are examples of some fictional flowers in the gaming zones.

1. Soul Flowers from Spirited Away are the beautiful, black, fictional flowers that contain the souls of the dead.

2. Night Flowers from the game The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess are dark purple flowers with a unique smell. These flowers bloom at night and are poisonous.

3. Gloomy Flowers from the game Dark Souls also contain dark black flowers with a sweet scent. They grow in the areas of grief.

4. Death Flower from the game Bloodborne had a reddish-black color with a foul smell. These flowers grow in the places where people die.

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Black Flowers In Real Life!

Although you cannot find Black Lotus in real life, there are some black and dark-colored flowers that you can relish in your outdoor garden.

These flowers include Lenten Rose, Chocolate Cosmos, Blood Orchid, etc., some dark-colored flowers that confuse people with black.

Moreover, a stunning flower, the Black Pansy, has dark purple petals that look black in some light conditions.