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Black Krim Vs Cherokee Purple (Striking Similarities & Differences)

Do you know Black Krim and Cherokee Purple can continue to yield fruits until the first frost and are disease-resistant?

Generally, Black Krim and Cherokee Purple are indeterminate tomatoes and similar in fruit weight. But they share differences in appearance, flavor, texture, maturity time growth habit, etc. 

If you are confused about the Black Krim and Cherokee Purple tomatoes, keep reading this article.

Black Krim and Cherokee Purple [Similarities]

Both Black Krim and Cherokee Purple are the heirloom tomato varieties popular for their delicious flavor and unique appearance.

Black Krim Vs Cherokee Purple
Black Krim and Cherokee Purple are both easy to grow.

These heirlooms are open-pollinated and are never hybridized. The passing of the same variety from one generation to another is the reason behind such rich flavor.

  • Both varieties bear large and dark-colored tomatoes.
  • The weight of both tomatoes reaches about 8-16 ounces.
  • Both tomatoes are indeterminate and continue producing fruits until the first frost arrives.
  • Moreover, both tomatoes are popular for their complex flavor with a hint of sweetness.
  • You can grow both of these varieties with minimal maintenance.
  • The fruits of both varieties contain a hint of purple color.
  • Both tomatoes are susceptible to hornwort, blossom end rot, early blight, etc.
  • You can use both tomatoes in a variety of dishes like soups, stews, pickles, vegetables, etc., or use them sliced, canned, or preserved.

To protect these tomatoes from pests and diseases, use pesticides or fungicides every 15 days. You can also use neem oil if you want a chemical-free option.

Black Krim Vs Cherokee Purple [Differences]

Black Krim tomatoes originated in Russia, where people named them after the black sea. In contrast, Cherokee Purple is native to the Southeastern United States.

When you taste the tomatoes, Black Krim tomatoes contain a balanced sweet and tangy flavor, but Cherokee purple tomatoes give more acidic flavor than sweetness.

FeaturesBlack KrimCherokee Purple
Fruit AppearanceDeep purple to black fruits with round shapeDeep purple to red fruits with irregular shape
FlavorCitrusy and sweetMore citrusy than Black Krim
Texture Softer and can split easilyFirmer texture than Black Krim
ProductivityLess ProductiveMore Productive
Maturity Time 70-90 days80-95 days
Cracking ResistanceCan crack easily in humid conditionsLess prone to cracking
Growth HabitNeed stakes and cages due to tall size Plant grows as tall as Black Krim but is more managable.

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Black Krim Vs Cherokee Purple: What To Choose?

If you want fruits with a uniform, neat, and proper appearance, choose Black Krim as they are mostly round. However, if you want large-sized tomatoes, Cherokee Purple can sometimes grow larger than Black Krim.

Moreover, if you live in a location with a short growing season, choosing Black Krim can be the perfect decision as they mature earlier than Cherokee Purple.