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Is Berserker Mushroom Edible: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know the Mushroom you often see in video games and animated movies really exists as Berserker Mushroom? This Mushroom is also called Fly Agric Mushroom.

Generally, you can identify Berserker Mushroom from its bright red cap with white marks and whitish gills and stems. It is not safe to eat this Mushroom as it causes extreme hallucinations, seizures, and death from excessive consumption.

You can find this Mushroom in Europe, Asia, and North America, near the coniferous and deciduous forests.

So, dive into this article to learn about the fascinating history of Berserker Mushrooms and their toxic effects.

What Does Berserker Mushroom Look Like?

Berserker Mushroom is one of the Magic Mushroom varieties that have a characteristic bright red cap and white stem.

Moreover, the beautiful red cap bears dot-sized white marks making the whole appearance incredibly stunning.

Berserker Mushroom in the middle of the grass
The white marks on Berserker Mushroom’s cap are the remains of the veil.

Furthermore, you can see the whitish gills on the underside of the cap that attaches to the stem. 

Additionally, the stem also contains a skirt-like annulus that hangs on the upper portion, just below the gills.

On the lower portion, you will notice the puffy stem, often called Volva, the remaining veil.

You can see an orange-red spore print when you slightly disturb the Berserker Mushroom cap on white paper.

Can You Eat Berserker Mushroom?

It is said that Berserker people were known to induce rage and violent nature in battle after eating this Barserker Mushroom.

However, this is just a saying, not a proven fact, so it’s better not to risk eating this Mushroom.

You should not eat this Mushroom because of its toxic compounds, ibotenic acid and muscimol.

These alkaloids can cause serious stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, coma and even death in severe conditions.

You can remove the toxins after boiling the Mushroom twice, but there is no proven fact about this too.

Thus, avoid or pluck this Mushroom off if it grows in your yard to prevent your children and pets from its toxins.

In case of accidental ingestion contact: 

Berserker Mushroom Side Effects

The side effects of Berserkin Mushroom vary from person to person. Some may experience mild hallucinations, stomach upset, and confusion.

However, some people may experience severe headaches, seizures, and death. It also depends upon the amount of Mushrooms you consume.

  • Due to extreme hallucinations and fear, the person may face respiratory or heart failure.
  • Even a little consumption may lead to confusion, dizziness, and difficulty in concentration.
  • You can experience nausea and vomiting, resulting in severe conditions after a few hours.
  • Some people may also feel sweating, palpitation, chest pain, and breathing difficulties.
  • Due to increasing heartbeat, blood pressure may increase, which is risky for pressure patients.
  • Excessive consumption may lead to severe and permanent mental disorders.

Some Berserker symptoms may be similar to Death Cap Mushroom, one of the most poisonous Mushroom in the world.

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More About Toxins Of Berserker Mushrooms!

You can find the alkaloid Ibotenic acid in the Berserker’s cap and stems, while Muscimol is the compound in Mushroom’s flesh.

Berserker Mushroom that grows in colder climates contains more ibotenic acid. Meanwhile, those from warmer climates contain higher amounts of Muscimol.