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Bamboo Vs Rubberwood: Everything You Need To Know

Knowing Bamboo vs. Rubberwood is necessary to understand wood qualities and choose one over another according to your necessities.

Generally, both Bamboo and Rubberwood are fast-growing hardwood trees that give you sustainable and durable wood. However, both are different in color, texture, cost, availability, growth rate, recyclability, weight, etc.

Rubberwood has a naturally rustic appearance with the uneven texture of knots and grains. In contrast, Bamboo has a smooth texture.

So, this article will provide you with the similarities between Bamboo and Rubberwood and give the perfect suggestions about what to choose.

Bamboo Vs Rubberwood: Common Similarities

Both Bamboo and Rubberwood are fast-growing plants and perfect choices for furniture and other wooden items.

Bamboo on the left and Rubberwood on the right
Rubberwood provides latex, but Bamboo gives only wood material.

Moreover, both varieties are affordable and useful varieties for you if you are under your budget limit for a hardwood.

  • Bamboo and Rubberwood are sustainable and environment-friendly choices due to their fast-growing abilities.
  • Both varieties bear hardwoods, making them suitable for flooring, furniture, textiles, and construction.
  • Woods of both tree varieties are strong and durable. They can withstand lots of pressure and harsh conditions.
  • You can easily work with these woods and transport them effectively due to their lightweight nature.
  • The flexible nature of wood in both varieties makes them perfect for creating decorative items.
  • Both are low-maintenance plants that can grow even with minimal care and bless you with the best quality wood.
  • Both kinds of wood are rot and decay-resistant, but the plants can face root rot in the earlier stage.

Bamboo Vs Rubberwood: Striking Differences

Both Bamboo and Rubberwood are hardwood trees belonging to different families. Bamboo belongs to the Poaceae family, whereas Rubberwood is from the Moraceae family.

Moreover, Bamboo is native to various tropical and subtropical regions of continents like Asia, Australia, and America. Meanwhile, rubberwood is native to Southeast Asia.

LeavesNarrow and thinWide and Thick
Wood ColorLight Brown Dark Brown or Reddish
TextureSmooth and uniformUneven and rough
CostInexpensiveExpensive than Bamboo
AvailabilityWidely availableNot available widely like Bamboo
Growth RateFast growing about 3 feet a dayGrows slower than Bamboo
WeightLight-weightHeavier than Bamboo
Working EaseDifficult to work Easier compared to Bamboo

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Bamboo Vs. Rubberwood: Which Is Better?

If you are searching for a tree that gives you more than wood, Rubberwood can be suitable for you as it provides you with Latex.

However, if you want very flexible wood material for arts and crafts, Bamboo can be the perfect choice for you as it is versatile for different decorative items.

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