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Are Rambutan Seed Edible? Seed’s Toxicity & Side Effects

The juicy flesh of Rambutan is edible and delicious, making you gulp the whole fruit, but don’t dare to swallow the seed, or you may face serious problems.

Generally, Rambutan seeds are not edible as they contain Saponin and Cyanogenic glycosides, which are very harmful to humans and pets. Consuming the seeds may result in diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory failure, etc.

Moreover, the seeds are very high in fiber, which is difficult to digest by the body.

So, go through this complete article to learn about Rambutan seeds and the side effects after consuming them in detail.

What Does Rambutan Seed Look Like?

Basically, Rambutan seeds look just like a litchi seed but with ridges due to their dark brown color and oblong shape.

Moreover, the surface of the seed is also smooth and shiny. When you break the seed, you will notice the hard shell covering the whitish inner part.

Five Rambutan seeds that are not edible
When you crush Rambutan seeds, they release cyanide.

Just like litchi, the fleshy and juicy pulp surrounds the seeds. The flesh is whitish and is covered by reddish or yellowish-orange covering.

As Rambutan is a fruit with a single seed, the juicy part nourishes the seed, whereas the outer covering protects the whole fruit from damage.

The size of Rambutan seeds ranges from 0.2-0.8 inches. However, the size depends upon the fruit variety and ripeness, too.

Is Rambutan Seed Edible?

Generally, people do not consume Rambutan seeds due to their unusual texture and bitter taste.

Moreover, the inner whitish part of the seed contains saponin. Saponin is harmful to both humans and animals.

So, Rambutan seeds are not edible due to their toxic traits and disappointing taste. 

However, there is a rumor that you can consume the seeds after roasting them properly. Roasting may somehow destroy the saponin, but consuming it is still risky.

Ingesting the seeds may lead to gastrointestinal problems, nausea, vomiting, etc. If the condition is serious, even death may occur.

However, it’s not a good idea to consume them due to a lack of scientific evidence and potential health benefits.

Side Effects Of Rambutan Seeds

Eating Rambutan seeds can be a serious problem if you ingest them too much. Even if you consume a small amount, you may face mild stomach upset and diarrhea.

Just like Sakura tree fruit, seeds contain cyanogenic glycoside, which is extremely harmful to you if you consume seeds in a high amount.

Firstly, you will suffer from nausea, vomiting, and severe stomach upset. If the condition persists, you may feel difficulties in breathing due to respiratory disorders.

If you still ignore the condition, the compounds in the seeds may lead to coma and then death.

So, ensure you feed your children and pets Rambutan seeds without letting them ingest the seeds. In case of accidental ingestion, contact:

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Seed Propagation Is Uncommon In Rambutan!

After eating fleshy Rambutan, you may want to save the seeds to grow new plants. However, seed propagation is not common in the case of Rambutan.

It’s because it’s very difficult and unsure to get the desirable fruit size and taste. Also, it may take a very long time from seed to fruiting.

So, instead of choosing seed propagation, you can try grafting or budding for faster and more desirable results.