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American Hornet Vs Asian Hornet: [5+]Must Know Differences

American and Asian Hornets have similar buzzing flights and potent stings, and you need a closer look to understand the American Hornet vs Asian Hornet.

Generally, both American and Asian Hornets are large wasp species with stings and toxic venom. However, both have potential differences in head size, body size, color, mandible, behavior, nest location, diet, and many more.

American Hornets are also known as European Hornets and you can also call Asian Hornets as Northern Giant Hornets too.

So, get ready to know the distinguishing characteristics between Asian Hornets and American Hornets with tips to avoid them.

American Hornet Vs Asian Hornet [Similarities]

Both American and Asian Hornets are wasp species belonging to the genus Vespa. Genus Vespa includes several wasp species around the world.

American Hornet on the left and Asian Hornet on the left
Asian Hornet is larger and more aggressive than American Hornet.

Like a bee, both wasp species contain a Queen, a male Hornet, and the workers.

  • In both species, Queen is responsible for laying eggs, and the workers help in collecting food items.
  • Both build their nests with wood after chewing it with saliva in the protected areas.
  • American and Asian Hornets are omnivorous species that feed on nectar and small insects.
  • Moreover, both Hornets bear stings that can cause pain and allergic reactions.
  • Furthermore, the stings of both species release toxic venom that can cause anaphylactic shock.
  • Both wasps have a strong defending attitude and can become aggressive to protect their colonies.
  • Additionally, the predatory nature is similar in both species as they attack other insect colonies for food.
  • Also, you can see the black and yellow color on the body of both wasps.
  • Both wasps are aggressive and attack honeybees.
  • You can drive these pests away by applying neem oil

American Hornet Vs Asian Hornet [Differences]

As the name suggests, American Hornet is native to North America, whereas Asian Hornet belongs to Asia.

Moreover, Asian Hornet is larger, more aggressive, and contains more venom than American Hornet. 

FeaturesAmerican HornetAsian Hornet
Size1.5 inches long, 2 inches wide2.25 inches long, 3 inches wide
ColorYellow stripes on black body.Black stripes on yellow body.
BehaviorSolitary or live in small coloniesLive in large colonies of about 500 wasps
Head Size0.5 inches long, 0.4 inches wide0.7 inches long, 0.6 inches wide
Mandible0.2 inches long0.4 inches long
Nest LocationTreesUnderground
DietPrefer eating more nectar than insectsEat more insect than nectar.

American Hornets were first introduced in North America as European Hornets as Vespa cabro. You can find this Hornet all over Europe and North America.

Meanwhile, Asian Hornets(Vespa mandarinia) were first found in Eastern Asia. Nowadays, they are widely distributed in China, Japan, Korea, and Nepal.

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How To Avoid American and Asian Hornets?

Never disturb the area where these Hornets live, as disturbance makes them more aggressive and dangerous.

Moreover, never wear bright clothes as bright colors attract those wasps. If you get stung, remove the stings as soon as possible and seek medical attention.