Best Bedroom Plants to Promote Sleep

By Plantscraze


No room is complete without the final touch of lush indoor plants to bring the space to life - and the bedroom is no exception.

Choosing some of the best bedroom plants for your sleeping sanctuary can have a number of benefits.

Boosting mood, reducing stress and improving air quality are among the positive effects.

So, read on to discover some of the best compact, trailing and statement plants chosen by the experts for the bedroom.


Snake Plant

A highly structured plant, Sansevieria produces sheaths of stiff, pointed, erect leaves that are each exquisitely striped and frequently have a golden edge.

This air-purifying wonder is excellent for a nightstand because it requires very little care and even tolerates neglect, making it ideal for plant parents who are always on the go.

Monstera Deliciosa

The Swiss cheese plant's enormous, glossy deep green leaves are kept on tall, gently arching stems, giving it a majestic and opulent appearance.

Monstera Deliciosa, with its wide leaves and ability to remove toxins from the air, is another great air-purifying plant and one of the best bedroom plants.

Peace Lily

Another favorite that is great for producing a sense of calm in the bedroom is the peace lily.

Although peace lilies are light-tolerant and low-maintenance house plants, the more light they receive, the more blossoms they produce, making them an excellent choice for a bright bedroom.

English Ivy

English ivy is a hardy, uncomplicated houseplant that is suitable for tiny bedrooms with limited surface area.

It's an air-purifying, trailing beauty that looks great on a macrame hanger as an above-the-bed décor idea to add some texture to your bedroom.

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