string of pearls plant in pot and cats
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Is String of Pearls Toxic to Cats?

...treatment are crucial for your cat’s safety. Symptoms of String of Pearls Poisoning in Cats Various telltale signs can determine the symptoms of String of Pearls poisoning in cats. Depending...
Err.. Trust me that doesn't taste good
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Is Kalanchoe Toxic to Cats? Kalanchoe Toxic to cats? Kanalchoe is mild to severely toxic to cats depending upon the amount and parts ingested. It contains cardiotoxic bufadienolides responsible for heart-related issues. The most...
Cat sitting on the can near calathea
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Is Calathea Toxic to Cats?

...lancifolia, and calathea zebrina are completely safe for cats. However, excessive ingestion of Calatheas can induce irritation in your cats and cause slight vomiting or diarrhea.  Cats are curious pets...
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Is Monstera Toxic to Cats?

...toxic to cats.  But unfortunately, it includes the name Monstera plants as well. Is Monstera toxic to cats? Yes, Monstera plants are mild to moderately toxic to your cats. Some...
Peace lily plant in a pot
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Are Peace Lilies Poisonous to Cats?

...mildly poisonous to cats because they contain sharp, tiny needle-like calcium oxalate crystals that can tear the tissues in the cat’s mouth. Please read this article until the end to...
A cat is sitting on a shelf near a window with Alocasia beside it.
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Is Alocasia Toxic to Cats? the veterinarian again if your cat’s health does not improve. Why is my Cat Eating Alocasia? All cats, particularly housecats, get monotonous occasionally if they don’t get enough excitation....